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Information :
English Name :Demon Prince Enma
Type :OVA
Genres :, , , , , ,
Status :Finished
Episodes :4
Aired :Aug 24, 2006 to Mar 23, 2007
Studios :
Source :Manga
Duration :40 min. per ep.
Rating :R+ - Mild Nudity
View Count :850
Summary :

Kikoushi Enma – Enma is a character created by the genius manga artist Go Nagai. Now, the popular character makes his appearance in an alluring Japanese horror anime for adults. It’s a hair-raising erotic suspense in which Enma takes on complicated and gruesome incidents caused by demons who lurk in the darkness. But humans have lit up the darkness of the night with neon lights and turned their world into one that never sleeps, so demons now lurk in the “darkness of the human heart.” Unfulfilled hearts, suppressed hearts, despair,…such darkness of the heart is the place they lurk.

Enma is the Demon Prince of the Underworld, a demon “Born of Fire.” His mission is to take back or destroy demons that have escaped to the human world from the Underworld. Along with his partner, Princess Yukihime, “Born of Ice,” and the monster, Kapaeru, Enma sets up “Enma’s Detective Agency.” Tonight, like any other night, they will roam the sleepless city. Horrific incidents that could not possibly be human acts occur one after another. The stench of evil lingers at the scene… Enma’s fire rips through the darkness!

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